X-Line Grizzly Green

X-Line Grizzly Green

R199.00 / Day

* Torsion suspension AL-KO,Overrun brakes and shock absorbers
* Galvanized frame
* Steel wheels
* Body made from lite plywood with vandal-proof cover LINE-X
* 13-pins connector with the function of accumulator battery recharging from car generator
* External plug 230V CEE 17
* External filler neck with cork
* 2 side doors with opening windows, curtains
* Textile salon
* Drawers for shoes and clothes storage 2 pcs
* Internal LED lights 3 pcs
* HPL plastic front finishing, with standard plastic
* Foam mattress 200х140х10sm
* Soft headrest
* Stainless sink with electric faucet
* Boiler 58 litres with electric membrane pump
* LED kitchen lights 3pcs
* External outlet 12v with solar panels connection
* Fridge faucet with dashboard control function
* Voltmeter (accumulator battery charge control), clock, alarm clock, thermometer
* Kitchen drawers 3 pcs
* Spoon/forks/knives organizer
* Table finishing with vandal-proof cover
* Outer hatch of gas/baggage trunk 349х296mm
* Accumulator battery charger with rapid charge and its maintaining
* Self-contained diesel heater 2kWt *
* 1-burner gas stove
* Charger STECK MX 7.0 with rapid charge and its maintaining *ˆ
* Compressor fridge DOMETIC CDF-18 (Freezer temperature to -15С )*
* Spare Wheel Mount
* KNOTT independent suspension with roll-over brake and reinforced shock absorbers (16 cm wheel travel) *
* Enlarged forward cargo trunk with the opening at the top
* Light alloys car disks with mud tyres 215х75 R16* (with suspension KNOTT only)
* Trailer roof rails (200 kg load capacity)
* Parking jacks
* External shower
* External folding table*
* Front window
* Opening top hatch 40х40 sm with fan and temperature sensor*
* LED TV with Т2 tuner and external outlet AUX
* Antenna
* Frames under the mattress
* Ceiling hatch shutters
* Door mosquito net (the set of 2 pcs)
* Inverter 12v-230v DOMETIC ˆ
* Cutting board with company’s logoˆ
* Lead accumulator battery Bosch 90 Amps/h



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